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Space Lilly Casino - Is this A Scam/Site to Avoid


Space Lilly Casino - Is this A Scam/Site to Avoid

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I instantly felt relaxed and thought that this woman only had the best intentions for me. She then asked me to collect the rose petals from the bathtub, dry them and place them in an envelope.

She instructed me to place the envelope under my pillow every night until our next meeting. She asked me to take 1 white egg, 1 white pocket square, which I had to write all the things that I truly desired in life on all four corners, 1 small bottle of water, which I needed to blow 3 times in prior to drinking half of it.

She asked me to put everything in a shoe box and wait for her instructions. The next 4 days, I kept on questioning myself: She kept on praising the name of God.

How could she praise him and glorify his name if she was evil? She mentioned that she had started the work and was removing the negative energy from my body, which is why I was feeling better.

After 5 days of constant phone calls, I decided to trust her. Biggest mistake of my life! She met me at the corner and walked me in the building.

There was a security guard downstairs. She should live in such a building to keep people who finally wake up away from her.

Her apartment was cute and cozy. All the chairs and the cabinets were blue and white, which are the colors of peace and health. We sat on the couch and she light a candle and started praying to God that whatever negative energy that was surrounding my spirit goes away.

She then put the egg in the white pocket square that I had brought and started rubbing it on my body. She started yelling, telling me that the egg was a representation of my body and that I had a tumor that was growing in me.

The 2 women who had put the spell on me wanted me to suffer for a while and had planted that disease in me where doctors could not see it until it was too late.

Blood in the egg I had brought from home?! She mentioned that now that the spirits knew that I was aware of their presence in my body, the disease would spread even faster.

The only way we could make this stop would be to make an offering to the spirits and burry all the shit she had asked me to gather with that offering in a cemetery.

I was like… What the hell! Now, that woman is telling me that I am putting her people in danger. She even went further by telling me that if I would talk about what I just saw, that I would be putting my own family in danger and that my mother, more specifically, would die.

I am very close to my mom and that hit me in my soul. So I asked her what I had to do. I know you have it, I can. Stick to the original agreed upon amount that you are comfortable with and don't hand over another dime no matter what you are promised.

Thanks for the comment. There are some reputable psychics out there who don't do this though. Well, I don't know.

As for this behavior putting them out of business, why? Their clients walk in off the street, and perhaps the P. HA, what a bunch of sensationalism.

It's okay though, nice read. I'd suspect they'd be pretty much out of clients very quickly. Yeah, and that's some mean time zone!

I can only hope you're right. All that bad Karma has got to have some effect! Thanks for stopping by! I missed this one, could be the time zones - being upside down means you miss a lot!

I agree, lots of crack pot scammers out there. They will pay, their next life will see them as the slugs they mix with the egg yokes. There are many fakes out there though, probably about 9 fakes out of every ten who advertise their services.

I'll make sure to stay away from Madam Ruth and her Love Potion 9. Why is it numbered? A different type of love: I believe in psychic ability too, I just don't like the fakes who prey on peoples weaknesses.

I too have a slightly heightened psychic ability. Everybody has some, and it can be developed with practice. But I beg to differ with you on one thing: Madam Ruth was real!

That Love Potion This was a really, really interesting article, Chris. I mean, really interesting! Lucky for me, psychics such as those you describe, creep me out.

I didn't even SEE the psychic booth but I felt the eeriest 'jump' inside me - like my heart skipped a beat and my stomach lurched at the same time. I quickly turned my head and saw the psychic sign.

I can't explain how I felt creeped out before I even saw the psychic sign but it happened to me more than once.

So, in that way, I have my own ESP. Therefore, I'm not going to any psychic because I can't even stand to be in their presence.

I do believe in psychics though. Just not the Madame Ruth type Less magical, more realistic. You know what I mean? Now that I've written an entire novel on your Hub, I gotta apologise.

I'm glad you got out of the cycle. Was it as I had described it? Did she use any of the scams I talk about? I'd really be interested in hearing your story.

The minute you stop paying they become M. Do not return your phone calls, out to lunch, every excuse you can think of when you are trying to avoid a bill collector, that's what they are doing to you!!!

I am so glad I was able to gradually look at myself and realize I was making a FOOL out of myself and giving them all my money!!

Although I am unfamiliar with Ms. Nine, you'll get no argument from me, and I certainly wouldn't try to prove John Edwards was better than anybody.

Thanks for your comment. I went to Pamela nine. Nothing she told me every came to pass. Any one is crazy to go to her, got over my craziness.

She says she is better than John Edwards. But you can't prove that to me. I don't have any objections to a psychic making money from their gift either, as long as it's fair and they aren't taking advantage of people.

A lot of effort has been put into your blog, a good read: It is a scam, probably one of the most accepted scams to this date. Thank you for your comment.

I agree with what you have said. I certainly didn't mean to imply there are no real psychics, just that there are many con-artists posing as psychics.

This stuff is all so fascinating I was raised believing it was all satanic and had to be avoided at all costs Personally I dont think people can read others minds but I do believe people can be very intuitive by reading body language, mannerisms, voice fluctuations etc Thanks for stopping in.

Actually, it's a very common "psychic" trick, or ruse, if you will. Many use the same thing, or slightly different versions of it. Glad you enjoyed my humble piece!

That must be that con artist psychic I saw on unsolved mysteries. It was the same type of con, with the egg, the money in the envelope Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment.

Glad you found it to your liking. One thing is sure, people can feel very passionately about the subject, as evidenced in the comment section.

Thank you for your input. I'd have to agree with mystic above. I too hear often of jerks out there who tell vulnerable people that they are cursed, and so on.

I appreciate your coming by and I agree with you. I, too, believe everyone has a bit of psychic ability!

Some maybe more than others, to be sure, but anyone can heighten theirs with practice and getting in tune with it. I have had personal experiences with it, as has most everybody though they may not realize it.

It's always nice to have a Professional come by, especially when they confirm what you already suspect. I've just stumbled across this site and was interested in your article.

I'm a spiritual counselor or "intuitive" and I work to defraud "psychics" who offer spells and tell of curses.

I have so many clients who have become psychic "junkies' who cannot make a move without going to a fortune-teller, it amazes me. I work to get them OFF the "junkie psychics" and listen to their own spirit or "psychic ability.

I tend to agree with you on John Edwards and Sylvia Browne, totally cold readers, but they do have some talent.

WE are ALL psychics, we all have a sixth sense. BUT people like John Edwards and Browne have been so worried about chasing the "buck" that they have lost a lot of there psychic energy.

A true spiritual advisor knows the "universe" God, etc.. Money cannot take priority or one loses spiritual power. Glad I got the skinny on this scam.

I went to a physic once. When I left I thought she was full of it, come to find out, it all happened and she never asked me for a cent more then we agreed on.

Of course you don't. You haven't been eating any rodents or great apes lately, have you? Actually, I was researching the Ebola virus, and there's a thing it does to your insides and well Hey Christoph, you haven't upset me at all so don't worry.

My comment was more aimed at the general people who will read the comments and the hub and jump to conclusions that they should never trust any psychic.

You are one of my favourite Hubbers, and I certainly won't be taking you off my recommended list: By the way it wasn't my intention to call you a sceptic directly, that comment was aimed a sceptics in general who might be reading the comments.

Anyway, I hope this has put your mind at rest and please don't worry I still rate you big time: I will read your hubs that you have linked to later tonight or first thing tomorrow.

I was writing a hub that I hoped to publish tonight, and find myself behind. I am glad you had a chance to respond and had so much to say. I'm not sure how or why the comment section has gone in this direction.

The article itself says nothing about John Edward. I do not say he is a fake. If I have expressed that belief in the comment section, that is my opinion and is not meant to be taken as anything that I wish to present as fact.

When I did in the comment section - not the article I provided a link for anyone who wants to, to go look at the interview and the accusations and the psychics themselves defending against these charges face to face.

I encourage everyone to go look at it. Both sides are represented. I also provide an immediate contrary opinion - my wife's.

The hub is about psychic frauds I intentionally did not make any such statements about all psychics being frauds. I came across some information but I did not use it.

If I had of, I would have damn well quoted sources. At least not strong enough that I want to go around being the great debunker.

I do have an opinion about con men in general. I really was a private investigator and I really did bust cheats throughout the U.

It had to stand up in a court of law. There had to be incontrovertable video evidence. I know better than to make accusations without something to back it up.

That's all I said. I'm upset because I have upset you, and that makes me feel like shit. I curse the day I wrote this fu ing thing.

I also said I believe it exists, that I have seen things that I could not explain, and that I think I possess it to some minor degree.

How can I think it's not real when I believe that I myself have it just a little. Sometimes I am impressed, and sometimes I am not.

I could play devil's advocate with you, but I don't want to. They are on TV, not in a storefront ripping off suckers who walk in off the street.

I am truly sorry for the hard time you went through, and happy that you found some reliable and real psychics.

Why you call me a sceptic, I don't know. Maybe I can just tell a fake when I see one. I encourage anyone who has managed to stick with us this long to visit Misty hubs listed above and all of them, for that matter and if you have any links to valid, documented evidence or persons of high standing or authority, post them here.

If they check out OK I will leave them for all to see. Sir Author Conan Doyle believed - Houdini didn't. The list goes on and on. This is what I have to say and this is all: Here are some of the tricks they play to get your money.

If you find this happening to you Thanks for that mention earlier. I really appreciated it. I guess you'll be taken me off now, huh?

This could not possibly have been found out by addresses or hidden microphones. We got our money back, but had to relinquish the tapes.

The secret of being convinced by a medium is to give them no information other than your first name. This way, if they come up with any information that is specific you can have confidence in their abilities.

I have been to a number of excellent mediums, as has my older sister, and we are always very careful not to give any information about ourselves, our surnames etc.

To give a few examples of how brilliant a good medium can be:. I spoke to one on the phone after my Husband died of Cancer, and she gave me various very specific information only knowing my first name and not why I was booked in with her or who I had lost.

Some of this info included the fact that my Husband had a limp on his right leg, true as he had previously had a bad car accident that broke his ankle a year earlier.

She also went on to come up with some names such as Edie, which was a relative of my Mum's and not a common name. Another name she came up with was "Steve", who ended up being the next chap I had a relationship with nearly a year later.

What's more it was so true, as the elder son had stolen a car and a camcorder from me after his Dad had died, and claimed his Dad would have been proud of him for his behaviour, see my Hub: Another occasion I went to see a medium after my cat had been killed.

She exhibited virtually all of the symptoms of his illness right in front of me, including coughing and spluttering.

She even showed physical signs such as his eyes bulging like they used to. What she went on to say was that he was sorry he had been so horrible to my Mum and us in life and that he could now see how awful he had been, and that he knew Mum had now met someone else, and he was really happy for her.

He offered her a red rose as a sign he loved her. On yet another occasion I was in a bar in Tenerife chatting to a girl I had only just met.

Her boyfriend was at the bar buying a round of drinks in a very noisy environment with live music.

I told her I had been widowed, but nothing else. A couple of minutes later her boyfriend returned and immediately asked me, "Whose Dave? I nearly fell over on the spot, but explained Dave had been my late Husband.

He told me Dave knew I had been through a really tough time and that he was around me. The guys girlfriend told me not to be shocked, as this happened to her boyfriend all the time.

I was stunned, and they got nothing out of it at all. She is mind blowing, and gives a large amount of very specific info, including names.

She is enough to convince even the most hardened sceptic, and she is also a very likeable person. Her TV series is rivetting, and I recommend everyone should watch it, especially sceptics.

Most of the cases when solved were largely because of the information given by the psychics, which was also uncannily accurate and convinced the detectives that perhaps they should be more open to using psychics in the future.

So to summarise, yes, there are loads of fakers out there, but amongst these are a good element of genuine psychics who are tarnished by the fakers repuations.

Who can say it is unfair for them to charge for their services, as after all, they have a skill, and need to make a living in much the same way as an artist or sculptor.

I have no problem with this, and believe in going to psychics that have been recommended by people I know that have been to them beforehand, and whose opinions I trust.

I'll bet you can set a lot of things right around you with just a blink of an eye! I hope you'll check it out. Also when you mentioned 'I dream of jeanie' show it reminded me so much of her and her master Major Nelson.

I sometimes wish I had those powers at the blink of an eye to set things right around me. Thanks for stopping by and having a read and leaving the comment.

I love a challenge! And Hide and Seek and Easter Egg hunts, too. I had a very similar experience. I took note to be extra careful on my way home, staying well back of semi-trucks.

I was going to do what I could to prevent this event from occuring. Put a chip in my windshield, too! Sixty - You would be right.

Can you find the others? Yes I am afraid it works like a broken telephone. Many years ago i was on holiday at the coast when I had this creepy feeling that we were going to be involved in a car wreck.

The feeling was so strong and persistent that I cut the holiday short and packed everyone into the the car to go home and "get it over with" so to speak.

We arrived home safely! Thanks for reading and your heartfelt comment. The story you tell is very captivating, and, of course, gets the curiosity thing going at full tilt.

Obviously, it is a personal matter which you have chosen not to reveal, and I don't think you should, I mean, not to me, not here.

I am glad that this person helped you. I have tried to clarify, in the comment section at least, that I do not disbelieve that people can have psychic powers, or really high intuition.

I too have intermittant bouts, but so tame are they I do not view it as a curse. If someone askes me if I have ESP, my answer would not be yes, but "kinda, sometimes.

High Syncronicity I call it. Thank heavens I don't see planes crashing or anything. Another thing I have said I think is that I want to believe, and these cons piss me off because they are seriously mucking up the issue.

When I started to write this, it was going to be strictly humor. I had a good joke. But it turned into this - something more serious. Thanks for sharing your story.

I'm sure everyone who happens upon this hub will find it as interesting and intriguing as I have. Perhaps when we are better aquainted you will share your experience with me.

I do believe that there is true talent out there I just don't believe that truly gifted people would prostitute their ability.

Therefore, I'm extremely skeptical of anyone in the public eye There was a time in my life when the rug was pulled completely from beneath my feet and Some well-intentioned people were concerned and thought perhaps I was suicidal They insisted that I seek therapy.

Instead, I freaked them all out by going to a psychic counselor recommended by my hair dresser. They were so upset Richard Greene, was an amazing psychic counselor.

I didn't go alone I went with a trusted friend. He knew who I was the minute I walked in the door His first words were I smiled at that It wasn't a psychic's answer He talked about tomorrow as if it was going to happen I felt better for having gone to him.

Eggs with tomato sauce work looks like blood and the snails always count - because they're disgusting and delicious, two of my favorite food groups.

Didn't you want some fava beans and some chi-an-tee with that? I am familiar with the Houdini challenge. If I'm not mistaken, they still do it every year.

Don't you hate that lotto thing. Man, I'd be a the track or the casino with a pocket full of lottery tickets!

They were discovered after pulling the scheme in four different Ohio cities. Four men were arrested and pled guilty, but it is speculated that more were involved and had fled before officials arrived.

How did they do it? With identity theft and unbelievable persistence. To pull off the grand scheme, the brothers hired a computer hacker to pull data from credit systems and find people with excellent credit.

They continued this scam for five years thanks to offset betting procedures and perfectly timed gambling schedules.

That way, they could make the gaming officials believe they were losing money while their associates won big on the other side.

They then paid all outstanding markers, and their casino credit lines increased to upward of a million dollars. It took six additional months for the FBI to figure out that the scam had even taken place.

By then it was too late, as they discovered the real Roselli brothers had actually died many years previously.

The true identity of the scammers is still unknown. Not all casino scams take place at the betting tables. Sometimes, all you need is a debit card to steal thousands of dollars from the biggest casinos in the world.

The scam involved exploiting a gap in the kiosk security that allowed multiple unrecorded withdrawals within a second opportunity window.

The ringleader, Ara Keshishyan, recruited a team to open multiple checking accounts from Citibank. The group would then go to casinos all over Southern California and Las Vegas and use their Citibank cash advance kiosks to withdraw up to ten times the amount of money deposited into the accounts using the one-minute security gap.

Once the money was collected at the cages, Ara would take a considerable cut from his co-conspirators, and the rest would be split to gamble among the team.

They were comped for rooms, food, drink, and entertainment during their scheming and never had to pay for a single thing.

Ultimately though, all this scheming did not pay off. Ara was arrested and charged with 14 cases of bank fraud. In the summer of , one of the greatest roulette scams took place at the Casino Deauville in France.

It involved a radio amateur who was also a casino roulette dealer , his brother-in-law, and his beautiful sister.

The dealer created a radio transmitter which fit perfectly into a pack of cigarettes. He also turned a weightless receiver into a roulette ball which he used at his table.

She always stood one table over to remain inconspicuous to officials on the floor. Casino officials caught wind of what was happening and became suspicious.

They investigated every possibility from a defective wheel to the accurate assumption that the dealer was corrupt.

For example, I sell you a book for x bitcoins. If I send you the book first, you may never send me my btc and if you send the btc first, I may never send the book.

An Escrow service fixes this situation by holding the btc until the book is received. If the book is received, the escrow can release the payment.

If not, the coins are returned to the buyer. These escrows are usually multisig wallets in which the multisig key owners are two or more trusted members of the community and one project team membe.

In a scenario where a project member has one key and two community members have two keys of a 2-out-of-3 multisig wallet, the team member requires permission from the one of the other key holders in order to move the funds.

This company was nothing more then the same scammer in disguised. Since he had 2 of the 3 required keys, he was able to move the funds.

You also want to check the type of escrow that is being used. Good release conditions is when parts of funds get released on development progress: So keep an eye out for the Escrow participants and the escrow conditions.

This may save you some money. Scammers will rarely try to fake pictures for one simple reason. Photoshopped images are very easy to tell apart from the real thing and even if you have a professional doing the editing, there is software free and paid that will easily detect a forgery.

So if this is unusual why are we talking about it? Because someone actually had the nerve to do it!

DeClouds proposed something along the lines of using the ICO funds to buy precious metals with which to back their tokens with.

This is not new. However, they claimed to have a partnership with the UBS Bank, where they would store these precious metals.

There obviously was not partnership whatsoever and the scam artist managed to put an end to all doubts by taking this claim too far.

This was quickly picked up by users who posted the original pictures, thus proving DeClouds to be a scam. Unfortunantly, there will always be naive investors.

So, stay aware and keep clear of scammy projects. Here are some useful links to further extend your research on the subject.

CryptoCompare needs javascript enabled in order to work. View all coin guides View all exchange guides Guides What is Proof of Work? View all mining guides Services Wallets Cards Spend your crypto.

View all wallet guides How to use CryptoCompare forums? How to review products on CryptoCompare? Looks like cool technology! I see many possible issues!

Although the idea of a flying camera is cool, users need to be very careful with the current FAA small UAE laws which could render this product useless.

Besides the required registration, people are not allowed to fly a drone over others. Many city parks and local areas have also banned drones flying these days.

If you take this drone like a flying camera as advertised, chances are that you would violate the FAA rules and face the consequences. I actually emailed the lily company and what I got was a door in the face!

I will not be buying a product from a company that has no credentials then on top of that comes across rude,for a person with tons of friends actor and producer,I am disappointed and will be purchasing something else besides the lily!

Ordered like a sucker. Yeah, that was our concern too. Way too many over promising projects that never materialize.

Hope that you will get something. Maybe you could try sending emails to the Winkelvoss guys, their investors. I ordered and i think its a big lie…they told me i will get it next summer….

Sorry to hear that you are disillusioned. I thought this could be happening when I wrote the article. Everyone was so excited about it, but there are so many such projects that over promise and than never deliver.

Best would be to try to retrieve you payment somehow if you can. Any updates that you hear? There area always a bunch of failures, even for the best: I wonder if all of these developers are struggling with random failures that are 1.

Put another way, in Amazon reviews, for some of the drones, you can have 15 beautiful five star reviews, and then another guy, who writes in and has had some terrible experience with uncontrolled behavior.

It seems there has been some of this going around, promotional videos creating an expectation that the finalized or prototyped product is not living up to, like we talked about a few days ago with the ONAGO https: I have 2 Yuneec Q 4k quads I picked up in February Yuneec and dji have both come out with new models that include obstacle avoidance.

I did order the Lily camera in May for promised delivery in Feb Very strange if they are supposedly very close to releasing their production model!

They made a big splash at last years CES and should have been poised at this years CES to promote their almost finished product!!!

Well, I asked for guarantees about the product payment, and they banned me form their facebook, so I am pretty sure it is a SCAM. In the main time you can check their FB, it is still full of complainings.

I purchased mine in and I have tried over ten times to get an answer from these crooks but they keep lying and giving excuses for not delivering.

I will meet up with that dude in the video though and we will see if he will do the right thing or not. I purchased the Lily Drone for my boyfriend March I received this email from suport lilycamera.

Our product also comes with a Limited One Year Warranty from the original date of delivery. Click the link below for full terms on each of these policies.

I got so fed up with then, I finally sent them an email to cancel and refund my order. We acknowledge your request for a refund of your purchase.

Due to the large number of refunds requested, it may take several weeks to return your funds. At this time you do not need to take any action as we will refund your monies to the credit card used for the original transaction.

If that card is unavailable, Lily will contact you for additional information so we can provide a refund either by PayPal or by check.

At this time, you do not need to take any additional action, we will begin the refund process on your behalf. I hope they get sued by someone.

I was one of the very early pre-orders, well over a year ago. After about months, I started having serious doubts about their ability to pull it off.

On top of that, there are much better drones with similar and MORE capabilities. Fortunatley, I managed to get a refund.

Thank goodness I requested it before everyone else jumped ship. You may have a hard time getting your money back now.

Wish I could say I am surprised. Tuesday, February 28, I will be up in SF in the next 2 weeks. I will knock on their door. No refund , no response.

I pre-ordered in July They confirmed my shipping information in October The last I was told they would ship in December They are hard to contact.

The only contact info they seem to publish are a couple of email addresses. I pre-ordered one of these when they did their marketing push in I was getting regular email updates for a while, then they dried up.

I kind of lost hope when they went quiet and their tech updates showed trivial problems holding up the build.

It seems that they are now winding up the business. I got an email from them on the 11th June saying:. When Lily set out on the journey to create a flying camera over 3 years ago, we were determined to develop and deliver a product that would exceed your expectations.

We want to thank you for sticking with us and believing in us during this time. I never got an email from Lily… I guess I have to wait for a refund or nag them like my ex wife did..

I requested a refund on Jan. It would seem that they indeed left the pre-order funds untouched. Underfunding research and development is a real killer.

I think they were perceived by their investors as too far behind the 8 ball relative to the existing technology that is already on the market.

How can a drug store compete with a pharmaceutical company in developing the next best cold medicine?

Bummer, I had big plans for my 5 Lily Cameras that I had pre-ordered! Not trying to be an ass, but this is the only successful refund I have read about, most of us will have a different credit card and require mailed refunds, why 60 days wait?

I think the Lily camera was not yet ready for final production due to unresolved technical issues that, if released, would have been a guaranteed disaster.

Anyone even think about the monetary interest they just made off your 45million? I think you should be getting more than just a refund….

How do I get my refund? The Lily email announcement contains a link to a form under those circumstances. My personal experience with Lily Robotics before the release of their email announcement was positive.

I, however, chose not to be confrontational and gave my reason for the refund was due to a recent family emergency.

My two emails inquiring about the discrepancy have gone unanswered. Dwight, the link in my email has never worked.

I never received any email from them regarding my order. I emailed them with no response! What should I do? Is there a form that you have to fill out?

Same here i have messaged them repeatedly without any responses from their end…. I think we will not be receiving a refund and by all means they could already be long gone….

They sent me an email offering the refund with a form to complete. I filled it out and received credit back on my credit card within a few days.

Please give them some time to do the refunds. Still waiting for my refund , I signed up March No confirmation or response from Lily..

Been a month now.. I filled out the form right after I got the email and have not received a check. I never received any confirmation that they received my request either.

I have sent a few emails to them support lily. Has anyone received any refunds yet?? If so, please post here! Gave them paypal info, no response.

Sent another email demanding check with mailing address, still no response. The least they could do is reply to emails or put out another public announcement.

This should be in the national news! My post is above. And quite possibly, the shear volume of many multiple attempts to solicit a response from 60, irate people has overwhelmed what meager staff may still be on the payroll to process the refunds.

Their email announcement said to allow 60 days. Just a thought, though. And the refund that I received on Jan. There are a few others in previous posts that said they had gotten refunds, as well.

I truly hope that the founders of Lily Robotics did not touch their pot of gold and will eventually get everybody caught up. I wish you folks all the best.

This will be my last post. I have not received a refund yet. I Have tried email, FB and twitter and they have not responded to one message.

So how do I get my confirmation ID sent to me so I can get my refund.. My credit card has not been credited yet.. Hi I just heard that the company is folding up and issuing refunds for the money we paid for it.

I am Sean Donohue, I paid on a visa card that I do not have anymore. I still got no refund. My credit card number is the same.

They dont answer emails anymore. Can anybody tell me where i can find the transaction number? The colour scheme is blue, yellow, white and black and the whole website looks modern and inviting.

Virtual sports options are also provided by Kiron. With more than gaming choices, all players should definitely be able to find something to suit them, from the latest slots to niche games, fun sports and poker options.

The slots here include top video slots and 3 reel classic slots with many famous names rubbing shoulders with lesser known titles. The table games at Space Lilly Casino are rich and varied in style with a great range of different options to suit everyone.

You can choose from many variations of roulette, baccarat and blackjack, along with Caribbean stud poker , casino war , keno, Casino Texas holdem, and many versions of video poker.

There are also a few fun scratch cards for an alternative type of gaming fun, including Weed Whacker, Triple Wins Star Ticket and Scratcherz.

These are a great alternative to the regular table games. In addition to this is the virtual sports section offering fun sports to try betting on, plus the live casino also gives more options with live roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker to choose from all provided by top names including Evolution, GGL Live and Ezugi Live software.

On top of this new account holders can also claim free spins. In order to cash out your bonus money you have to wager it 30 times, which is not too a high requirement compared with some other sites.

The free spins have no wagering requirement.

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Space Lilly Casino - Is This A Scam/Site To Avoid Video

New Casino 2017 – Top Rated SpaceLilly Online Casino

Avoid Casino Scam/Site this Space A Lilly Is - to -

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Space Lilly Casino - Is this A Scam/Site to Avoid -

The website is secured with SSL encryption whose purpose is to keep players' sensitive information and private transactions safe from third parties. Whenever the wild symbol is included in Joker Millions Slots by Yggdrasil Gaming - Play for Free payline, the winning amount is doubled. How fast is the cashout handling? I think Play American Roulette highlight of this chain of groups though is the death threats they have made to casino portals. Any actual experiences with this casino? Not all of the wins have animations most just flashing boxesthough the scatter does show a dramatic switch to a tower of some kind and some of mythical slots Euro Palace Casino Blog others have basic movements. Thank you all for your cooperation. Your chat transcript will be sent to You can't play MG games with bonus funds, which is strange. With so many riders, we were packed like sardines from white line to Trivia Games — Online Gambling Trivia Games line for the last few miles. Visit Casino Casino Sieger. Aggress had some flames there! Casino Casino-Lobby Jackpots Boni. Ein Spielautomat hat ein paar Mal schon höhere Gewinne ausgezahlt. A Dark Seed Enchanted Kingdom: I meet my friend for lunch. Chcem schlitze der lustigen telefonnummer bonus. I've been looking through dozens of websites but I didn't see it or it was in a poor quality or stopped after a couple of minutes and asked to pay to continue. Die Spielauswahl ist natürlich von Casino zu Casino unterschiedlich, aber die Klassiker sind immer alle dabei. Journaling as a new trend in the social media which could even improve your Poker game. Keine Sorge - bung macht den Meister.

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